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Career Days: Regional Community Manager wrap-up

On Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 16:00 UTC Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski) gave a Career Days session on her career and current work as the EMEA Community Manager for MongoDB. Career Path Laura studied Computer Science at college and participated the computer society there where she began as a Treasurer and eventually became President. This is […]

Career Days with Laura Czajkowski on Saturday April 5th

The Ubuntu Women project is back again with another Career Days session! This time we’re delighted to have Laura Czajkowski, the EMEA Community Manager at MongoDB where she drives adoptions and supports the open source database community in EMEA. Laura has been active in Open Source communities since 2000 and in that time has been […]

Career Days: Software Release Coordinator wrap-up

On Wednesday, October 18, 2012 at 19:00 UTC Silvia Bindelli (Dolasilla) presented on being a Software Release Coordinator. Here’s the better-late-than-never wrap-up of her session. Career Path Started being involved in opensource in 2007 but has been using open source tools for longer Graduated at the Politecnico di Milano 4 years ago, with a master […]

Career Days – October 18th!

We’re back again with another Career Days session! One of the newest leadership members of the Ubuntu Women team, Silvia Bindelli (Dolasilla) will be presenting about working as a Software Release Coordinator. The job involves keeping track of both people and technology, so we’re excited to hear about it! The session will be held on […]

Career Days: Media Liaison Wrap-up

On Wednesday, April 18 at 16:00 UTC Emma Marshall (System76Chick) presented on being a Media Liaison. Career Path Has been a journalist since she was 14, working for school and local newspapers throughout high school and college Began using the social networks to report and promote local businesses that she encountered while working for the […]

Career Days! April 18th!

On Wednesday April 18th, we are having our next Career Days session. I am very excited to announce that Emma Marshall (System76Chick) will be presenting about being a Media Liaison. She’ll be talking about her time doing marketing with System76 and what brought her into the FOSS world. The session will be held in #ubuntu-classroom […]

Career Days: Community Manager Wrap-up

On Saturday, February 25 at 17:00 UTC we welcomed Amber Graner (akgraner) to give us a review of her career leading up to her current position as a Community Manager and to offer details about being a non-developer who works in open source. Current Career Works at Linaro Specialist basically means that what she focuses […]

Career Days! This Saturday! AkGraner!

Hola Folks! After a holiday hiatus and a greatly delayed announcement, Saturday February 25th is going to be our next Career Days session! The wonderful Amber Graner is going to be giving a session on Community Management and her journey to her current role as User Experience and Community Specialist. The session will be in […]

Career Days: From Developer to CEO Wrap-up

On Saturday, November 12th, we welcomed Canonical CEO Jane Silber to the Ubuntu Women Career Days to give us an overview of her career in tech from her beginnings as a Software Developer to her current role as CEO. Career Path Jane takes is through the path of her career so far First became interested […]

Jane Silber to present a Career Days Session! On Saturday!

Jane Silber will be presenting a session titled “From Developer to CEO, a Career in Tech” on November 12 at 16:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat on freenode. We are very excited to hear about Jane’s journey through the IT world, and as always are grateful for our presenters’ participation in this project. If you’re […]