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Career Days: Regional Community Manager wrap-up

On Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 16:00 UTC Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski) gave a Career Days session on her career and current work as the EMEA Community Manager for MongoDB. Career Path Laura studied Computer Science at college and participated the computer society there where she began as a Treasurer and eventually became President. This is […]

Career Days with Laura Czajkowski on Saturday April 5th

The Ubuntu Women project is back again with another Career Days session! This time we’re delighted to have Laura Czajkowski, the EMEA Community Manager at MongoDB where she drives adoptions and supports the open source database community in EMEA. Laura has been active in Open Source communities since 2000 and in that time has been […]

Ubuntu Women at vUDS 1311 session summary

On Tuesday the Ubuntu Women project participated in the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit along with various other teams throughout the Ubuntu project to plan our work for the next cycle. Topics included: Continue work on GetInvolved pages and collaboration with Expansion of our BestPractices to go beyond LoCo advice The proposed outreach project for […]


Several years ago the Harvest project was launched. Harvest makes it easy to find low-hanging opportunities in Ubuntu. It aggregates the mass of todo lists we use every day so it’s simple to find and coordinate work. Unfortunately in spite of efforts by Daniel Holbach and others on the project, it never really took off. […]

“What People Are Doing” Wiki Page Story Call

Happy Ada Lovelace Day! In celebration, we present a project put together by Ubuntu Women member Svetlana Belkin (belkinsa). She is seeking stories of how our members of Ubuntu Women got involved with Ubuntu and its community in order to inspire other women to get involved. She has created a page titled “What People are […]

Ubuntu Women Survey 2013 Results: Part 2

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our survey in August! We had a total of 110 responses, almost a quarter of whom had never heard of the project before filling out the survey. We have split up these results into 2 posts. In the first we shared the raw statistics, you can visit that post […]

Ubuntu Women Survey 2013 Results: Part 1

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our survey! We had a total of 110 responses, almost a quarter of whom had never heard of the project before filling out the survey. We’re going to split up these results into 2 posts. In this one we’ll share the raw statistics and soon we hope to review […]

Ubuntu Women Scavenger Hunt

The Ubuntu Women Project is happy to announce that we have put together an online scavenger hunt for women in our community to highlight facts about women in technology and help encourage the learning of interesting trivia about Ubuntu! Participants will answer 15 questions that can be answered by searching online, see the end of […]

The First Ubuntu Women Survey

At the last virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit we decided to do survey of our community to learn what people expected from the Ubuntu Women project and how effective we were at providing what folks were looking for. The survey is now online! The anonymous results from the survey will be shared with the community and […]

Ubuntu Women at vUDS 1305 session summary

Silvia Bindelli and Cheri Francis worked to prepare the Ubuntu Women session at the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit last week where the following was covered: Plans for an information-based online scavenger-hung competition that the team will be doing in the coming months. We’re currently seeking volunteers to assist coming up with questions related to women […]