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2014 Leadership Poll Results

Polling has closed, and we are pleased to announce that the new leadership team for Ubuntu Women has been selected. A. Mani, Svetlana Belkin, and Emma Marshall will be the leadership committee for the next two years! Please join me in congratulating them and supporting them as we transition into this new term for the […]

Scavenger Hunt Results!

In August the Ubuntu Women project launched an online scavenger hunt for women in our community to highlight facts about women in technology and help encourage the learning of interesting trivia about Ubuntu. The hunt has concluded and results are in! We had 38 submissions, and 9 that were 100% correct. Those 9 were: Anna […]

Last 5 days to enter the UW Scavenger Hunt!

We are entering the final days of the 2013 Scavenger Hunt! Don’t miss the chance to win a webcam or Ubuntu Jewelry!

Ubuntu Classroom Presentation about UW-Italy

Our two newest leadership members Silvia Bindelli (Dolasilla) and Flavia Weisghizzi (Deindre), will be discussing their success with the Ubuntu Women – Italy group. The session will be in the Ubuntu Classroom on Thursday, January 24th at 20:00 UTC. It all started around 3 years ago, when Flavia got in touch with Silvia, who she […]

Career Days – October 18th!

We’re back again with another Career Days session! One of the newest leadership members of the Ubuntu Women team, Silvia Bindelli (Dolasilla) will be presenting about working as a Software Release Coordinator. The job involves keeping track of both people and technology, so we’re excited to hear about it! The session will be held on […]

Ubuntu Women Leadership Election Results!

Hey Everyone! The election results are in! We had an unexpected result: A tie! So, Congratulations to our TWO new leadership members: Flavia and Silvia! We decided that since we don’t exactly have high conflict situations where we need an odd number to break stalemates, having a leadership team of 4 would be awesome. 😀 […]

Career Days! April 18th!

On Wednesday April 18th, we are having our next Career Days session. I am very excited to announce that Emma Marshall (System76Chick) will be presenting about being a Media Liaison. She’ll be talking about her time doing marketing with System76 and what brought her into the FOSS world. The session will be held in #ubuntu-classroom […]

Career Days! This Saturday! AkGraner!

Hola Folks! After a holiday hiatus and a greatly delayed announcement, Saturday February 25th is going to be our next Career Days session! The wonderful Amber Graner is going to be giving a session on Community Management and her journey to her current role as User Experience and Community Specialist. The session will be in […]

Jane Silber to present a Career Days Session! On Saturday!

Jane Silber will be presenting a session titled “From Developer to CEO, a Career in Tech” on November 12 at 16:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat on freenode. We are very excited to hear about Jane’s journey through the IT world, and as always are grateful for our presenters’ participation in this project. If you’re […]

Career Days!

We are having our first Career Day presentation THIS SATURDAY! The ever awesome Elizabeth Krumbach will be doing the honors. From Lyz: “I’ve been working as a full time Linux Systems Administrator for almost 5 years and as a hobbiest prior to that. I’ll cover the day to day basics of what my job entails […]