Calling For Testers for Orientation Questionnaire

UPDATE: The name changed from “quiz” to “questionnaire” because it’s more of a questionnaire than a quiz.

The Ubuntu Women Project is pleased to present an orientation questionnaire that is aimed to help new comers into the Ubuntu Community to find their niche and get involved.  The base quiz was taken from the Ubuntu Italian LoCo. Our plans is to put this quiz on  but we are seeking testers for it first!

Screenshot from 2014-08-19 18:47:33

How to test it:

Go to the page where the quiz is and play around with answering the questions.  If you find an issue, please e-mail the Ubuntu Women Mailing-List at  If you want to see the code, you may ask Lyz at or me at

2 Responses to “Calling For Testers for Orientation Questionnaire”

  1. Diego Turcios Says:

    Shouldn’t the code be available to everyone? That way we mantain the FOSS spirit.

  2. Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph Says:

    Yes, but we’re working with the Italian team to get it in a code repository somewhere. We’re happy to share it via email until that’s done, as noted in the post 🙂

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