“What People Are Doing” Wiki Page Story Call Number Two

I created the “What people are doing” project in October 2013, seeking stories of how our members of Ubuntu Women got involved with Ubuntu and its community in order to inspire other women to get involved.

So far, only two people left their stories on the “What People Are Doing” Wiki page and we’d like to see more stories.  This is why Call Number Two is being made. All stories are welcome, regardless of how much or for how long you’ve been involved, from community members who only contribute casually to those who are working on Ubuntu every week.

I am welcoming members to e-mail me at belkinsa@ubuntusense.com with their story in order to be posted on the page. I am also is allowing those who can edit wiki pages, to add the story themselves.


If you have any questions, you can also e-mail me.

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