Ubuntu Women at vUDS 1311 session summary

On Tuesday the Ubuntu Women project participated in the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit along with various other teams throughout the Ubuntu project to plan our work for the next cycle.

Topics included:

  • Continue work on GetInvolved pages and collaboration with community.ubuntu.com
  • Expansion of our BestPractices to go beyond LoCo advice
  • The proposed outreach project for women for the Ubuntu Community (UWOP)
  • Hosting of more CareerDays sessions

The blueprint has been updated with notes and work items from the session (scroll down to “Whiteboard” and below those notes, “Work Items”):


Full video from the session is available here:

We tried to capture all the discussion in the notes and mention comments from IRC in the video, but for reference (it may be confusing on its own!) the IRC log that goes along with this video is available here:


Thanks to everyone who was able to participate on video and on IRC! Discussion of our plans for the next 6 months will continue on the Ubuntu Women mailing list and at upcoming meetings, the next being held on Tuesday December 10th, 2013 @ 18:00 UTC.

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  1. Svetlana Belkin Says:

    Thank you for posting the log from the IRC with this!

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