Scavenger Hunt Results!

In August the Ubuntu Women project launched an online scavenger hunt for women in our community to highlight facts about women in technology and help encourage the learning of interesting trivia about Ubuntu.

The hunt has concluded and results are in! We had 38 submissions, and 9 that were 100% correct.

Those 9 were:

  • Anna Pudane
  • Bobbie Lynn Eicher
  • Catherine Miller
  • Dulshani Gunawardhana
  • Aruna Sankaranarayanan
  • Sarah Patane
  • Romina Caraba
  • Tamara Fisher
  • Ursula Junque

Of those 9, we used a random number generator to select 3 winners for the availale prizes:

  • Bobbie Lynn Eicher
  • Sarah Patane
  • Tamara Fisher


Congratulations to our winners! They had their choice of either a webcam or Ubuntu jewelry, and all of their prizes have been sent.

And huge thanks to everyone who participated and helped us run this event, we hope you learned a thing or two about Ubuntu and women in technology! 🙂

See our wiki page for the full list of questions and answers:

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