Ubuntu Women at vUDS 1305 session summary

Silvia Bindelli and Cheri Francis worked to prepare the Ubuntu Women session at the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit last week where the following was covered:

Plans for an information-based online scavenger-hung competition that the team will be doing in the coming months. We’re currently seeking volunteers to assist coming up with questions related to women in tech and Ubuntu and to work with us when “grading” the answers that come in.

A user poll to see how the team could be most effective in serving our audience of women interested in Ubuntu. We have found that the project needs a bit of an adjustment every couple of years to refocus on our current targets as Ubuntu and the open source ecosystem evolves.

Finally, much of the session was spent discussing our intention to further collaborate with other groups seeking to encourage women in open source (and in technology in general). A couple of our members will be attending Ada Camp in San Francisco next month and hope to make some connections there. We’re also reaching out to our current community members who are involved in other groups.

Thanks to everyone who participated and we’re looking forward to continuing discussions and work on all these items in the coming months.

Video from our session is available here:

Blueprint for the next few months can be found here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-1305-ubuntu-women

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