Monthly Archives: January 2013

Ubuntu Women Full Circle Follow Up with Laura Czajkowski

Back in June 2009, we interviewed Laura Czajkowski¬†about her work in Ubuntu and FOSS. We followed up with her to see how she’s doing and her current involvement in Ubuntu. First of all, how’s life? In 2009, you were hosting various community activities to promote FOSS- are you still participating in the same meetings or […]

Ubuntu Classroom Presentation about UW-Italy

Our two newest leadership members Silvia Bindelli (Dolasilla) and Flavia Weisghizzi (Deindre), will be discussing their success with the Ubuntu Women – Italy group. The session will be in the Ubuntu Classroom on Thursday, January 24th at 20:00 UTC. It all started around 3 years ago, when Flavia got in touch with Silvia, who she […]

Ubuntu Women- Where are they now? Follow up with Elizabeth Krumbach

Back in 2009, we interviewed Elizabeth Krumbach about her work with Ubuntu and FOSS. We decided to catch up with her and see what she’s doing now. First of all, how’s life? Life is great! I’m now living in San Francisco, California. I’ll be¬†starting a new job in 2013 where I’ll have the opportunity to […]