Ubuntu Nail Decals from System76

Back in February Emma Marshall posted an Ubuntu Nail Decals thread on ubuntuforums.org offering to ship Ubuntu nail decals from System76 to anyone who wants them:

Hey ladies! I send out these free Ubuntu key stickers to people who send in self-addressed, stamped envelopes to System76. We have some extras that we don’t send out which are white circles with black Ubuntu label. If you guys want any, feel free to send me an envelope with the statement “nail decals” somewhere on the envelope.

Send requests with self-addressed, stamped envelope to

System76 (free nail decals)
1582 S Parker Rd Ste. 310
Denver, Co 80231

If I get enough requests, we can probably try out more colors! Let’s promote Ubuntu and show the community that our group is spreading the word!

It took me a couple weeks to put in my request, and tonight I got to try them out!

Huge thanks to Emma and the System76 folks for offering these, requests are still welcome if you’re interested in getting some for yourself!

6 Responses to “Ubuntu Nail Decals from System76”

  1. Rick Mizell Says:

    Gotta have some of these.

  2. chilicuil Says:

    Love them! T________T/, I want some too xD

  3. Ubuntu Women Blogged About My Nail Decals! « System76 Chick Says:

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  4. fefamorales Says:

    how can i send my envelope from Chile aparrently i have to buy some american stamps or just the one tha the mail service give me???

  5. Elizabeth Krumbach Says:

    I’m not sure about Chile, so I’d ask your post office what you need for a letter being sent to you from the US. The decals are very light so it will be a standard letter cost.

  6. JanC Says:

    You will need to buy an “International Reply Coupon” (aka “IRC”), which should be available in your local post office (it’s not used a lot, so they might have to look it up in their manuals 😉 ). This is a special sort of “stamp” accepted in most countries.

    Then put the empty enveloppe (with your address written on it) and the “IRC” in another enveloppe that you send to the System76 address listed above.

    Then System76 should be able to exchange the IRC for an international air mail stamp at their local post office…

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