New theme now live!

We’ve worked on this for several months and gone through several revisions, but we’ve finally done it – our new theme is now live!

Huge thanks to:

Melissa Draper for the initial theme design and coding.

Alan Bell for initial moin theme coding.

Penelope Stowe and the Accessibility Team for accessibility review.

t-ubuntu for work with bugs and major CSS edits.

Nigel Babu and Mackenzie Morgan for review of theme and CSS sugguestions.

The Canonical IS team for handling our requests to update the theme on the Canonical server where our wiki is hosted as we pushed each major change through.

Everyone who has tested the theme over the past few months! Thanks everyone!

4 Responses to “New theme now live!”

  1. day_of_minh Says:

    Can you maybe do something about the biiiiiig header? Take a look at this screenshot: – the top half of the screen is header. 😉

  2. day_of_minh Says:

    PS: I do realize this post is about the wiki, but I *had* to address this.

  3. Elizabeth Krumbach Says:

    Unfortunately we don’t have the volunteers to tackle more than one theming project at a time, it took us months to complete just the wiki. Hopefully in the coming months we can customize the blog too, but for now we’re sticking with the default theme (which includes the large header).

  4. the saint Says:

    I love women as we all do,after all my Mother was one.
    Now as to our calendar
    in 10.10 Ubuntu
    we had the time/daylight hours
    under the calendar;may we please have it back?
    I like to see were it is daylight and night
    it’s a nice setup.
    Ubuntu 10.10 upper right taskbar

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