Ubuntu Women Month of Making: Vote now!

When the Ubuntu Women project launched our Month of Making in honor of Ada Lovelace Day on October 7th we decided to take a very broad approach to “Make” and were excited to learn what women in the Ubuntu community would submit.

We’ve had amazing submissions and have been publishing throughout the past few weeks. As a wrap-up, here are all of them (and an opportunity to vote on your favorite at the end of this post!).

Silvia Bindelli

Our first submission came from Silvia Bindelli who wrote about the collaboration she “Made” between Geek Girl Dinners in Milan and the Italian segment of the Ubuntu Women project which led to getting a monthly article in Geek Girl Life Magazine.

More about Silvia’s project can be found here: http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/2011/09/ubuntu-women-month-of-making-silvia-bindelli/

Nathalina Backman

Our second submission came from Nathalina Backman whose Ubuntu Cupcakes have now been featured on sites from thecupcakeblog.org to NetworkWorld.

More about Nathalina’s project can be found here: http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/2011/09/ubuntu-women-month-of-making-nathalina-backman/

Akkana Peck

Our third submission came from Akkana Peck who used Ubuntu as a base operating system for her Arduino-based sonar echolocation rig and provides instructions for Command-line Arduino development in Debian and Ubuntu.

More about Akkana’s project can be found here: http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/2011/10/ubuntu-women-month-of-making-akkana-peck/

Flavia Weisghizzi

Our fourth submission came from Flavia Weisghizzi, an Italian Community LoCo Council Member and spokeswoman for the Italian Ubuntu community. She “Makes” books! Flavia has written two books about Ubuntu (in collaboration with Luca Ferretti) the first about Ubuntu 9.10 and the second about Ubuntu 10.10, and the third one is in progress. These books have been very successful, selling over 10,000 copies and giving her opportunities through reviews on various mediums to present at Universities, tech fairs and more.

More about Flavia’s project can be found here: http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/2011/10/ubuntu-women-month-of-making-flavia-weisghizzi/

Stefanie Lück

Our fifth submission came from Stefanie Lück. Stefanie is a technical assistant in a plant researcher lab in Germany. Starting with small programs for personal use, she quickly began writing Python programs on her Ubuntu desktop she wrote an annotation tool, a kind of image browser, which allows the user to scroll easily over many pictures and annotate them. Her work on this project and others lead her to be invited to give a talk at PyConDE (the first Python conference in Germany!).

More about Stefanie’s project can be found here: http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/2011/10/ubuntu-women-month-of-making-stefanie-luck/

Maile Urbancic

Finally, our sixth submission came from Maile Urbancic who founded BoutiqueAcademia.com, a small business that carries STEM-themed jewelry and accessories. She contacted Canonical in early 2011 with a proposal to create Ubuntu Earrings, proceeds of which support the non-profit Partimus.org, which she is a co-founder of and works to put Ubuntu and other Free Software powered desktops into public schools.

More about Maile’s project can be found here: http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/2011/10/ubuntu-women-month-of-making-maile-urbancic/

All these projects are amazing, and O’Reilly has offered to give all our winners a free e-book for participating!

We also have two subscriptions to Ubuntu User Magazine courtesy of Linux New Media (Parent Company to Ubuntu User Magazine).

This is where you come in! Which is your favorite project?

Vote now: http://mumble.libertus.co.uk/limesurvey/index.php?sid=84617&lang=en

If you have any trouble voting, please contact lyz@ubuntu.com with comments, questions or votes

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