Ubuntu Women Month of Making: Flavia Weisghizzi

Hi! I’m Flavia, Deindre on Forum and IRC. I’m part of Italian Community LoCo Council and I founded with Silvia Bindelli (Dolasilla) the Italian branch of Ubuntu Women project.

I’m the spokeswomen of Italian Community, and I take care of media relations. I’m a Ubuntu evangelist too, of course but the thing I’ve done and about I’m very proud is… my book!

Or better I should say my books, because I wrote two books about Ubuntu (in collaboration with Luca Ferretti) the first about Ubuntu 9.10 and the second about Ubuntu 10.10, and the third one is in progress (and this is a spoiler)!

I’m very proud about it because the second one has been published by the biggest tech- publisher in Italy, Mondadori Informatica, the same one that published Mako Hill’s Official Ubuntu Guide in Italy.

This book has been a great success, and has been sold in bookshop and newspaper kiosks, in an amount of more then 10.000 copies (in Italy a book that sold 2.000 copies is considered a great success) reaching every level of public, from the specialist to the simple curious.

Moreover this book gave me the opportunity to be present to many tech fairs, as SMAU, the most important tech fair in Italy, both in Rome and Milan, where I talked about Ubuntu to business public; but I presented this book in many Universities, in Rome, Siena, Padova ecc and events, where I meet young students and people interested in free software.

Then I’m very proud because many newspapers, magazines and some radios and TV broadcast too reviewed this book or asked me to talk about it and about Ubuntu, and I’m sure I’ve touched people who never had heard about FLOSS before.

I’m very happy about it, and I hope to continue my evengelism again!

Thanks for your attention and for your inspiration!

Thanks to Flavia for being our fourth participant in the Ubuntu Women Month of Making! Please visit the wiki page or read the announcement for more information about this competition. Entries are to be sent to competition at ubuntu-women.org and the deadline is October 7th extended to October 14th!

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