Monthly Archives: September 2011

Prizes for Month of Making! And just 9 days left…

On September 7th Jessica Ledbetter announced the Ubuntu Women Month of Making. We’re now down to just 9 days to get your submissions in before we hit the October 7th Ada Lovelace Day deadline! Thanks to Valorie Zimmerman and Amber Graner getting in contact with some sponsors we now have prizes lined up for this […]

Ubuntu Women Month of Making: Nathalina Backman

I made these cupcakes as an inside joke for a friend who kept talking about Ubuntu. They are caramel flavoured to give that Ubuntu brown feel. Thanks to Nathalina for being our second participant in the Ubuntu Women Month of Making! Please visit the wiki page or read the announcement for more information about this […]

Ubuntu Women Month of Making: Silvia Bindelli

I’m Silvia (aka Dolasilla). I’m part of the Ubuntu Italian team and together with Flavia Weisghizzi I gave birth to the Italian section of Ubuntu Women. But it’s not about this that I’m going to tell you. It’s about the collaboration I started with the GirlGeekDinner Italian team, particulary with the Milan team. Girl Geek […]

Career Days: Linux Systems Administrator Wrap-up

I kicked off Ubuntu Women Career Days this past Saturday by talking about my job as a Linux Systems Administrator. Key points touched upon: What does a Systems Administrator do? We install, secure, maintain and upgrade servers. Many of us work with customers (or fellow employees within a company) via phone, email or a ticketing […]

Career Days!

We are having our first Career Day presentation THIS SATURDAY! The ever awesome Elizabeth Krumbach will be doing the honors. From Lyz: “I’ve been working as a full time Linux Systems Administrator for almost 5 years and as a hobbiest prior to that. I’ll cover the day to day basics of what my job entails […]

Today Starts The Ubuntu Women Month of Making

Hello everyone! Today begins the Ubuntu Women Month of Making! What’s that? It’s a competition that will showcase women’s fantastic projects that are about the wonderful world of Ubuntu. It’s in honor of Ada Lovelace Day, October 7 — a day to celebrate women in science, technology, engineering, and math. These projects don’t have to […]