Ubuntu Women Conference Goodies!

The Ubuntu Women project maintains a Resources page on our wiki. On this page we have links to our SVG logo files created by Troy Sobotka, and various other goodies that can be created via custom printing vendors like Vistaprint.com and Moo.com.

I recently did a run of stickers, post cards, business cards and magnets with Vistaprint.com, which offers acceptable quality for conference material and frequent discounts.

I used the “SVG format business card** for U-W v2” for the post cards and business cards (same image upload, so didn’t need to spend extra to upload multiple images). The “ubuntu-women-community-identity/Identity Deliverables/ubuntu-women-black.svg” in bzr for the magnet. Detailed instructions for the stickers can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Resources#Stickers.

In addition to being able to print these yourself or via a printing service like I did, I’ll also be shipping out some packs from my own stash to active Ubuntu Women volunteers representing us at conferences around the world.

2 Responses to “Ubuntu Women Conference Goodies!”

  1. Mary Mooney Says:

    I wish I had known about this before I ordered my last set of personal cards 🙁

  2. Benjamin Kerensa Says:

    Ooo 🙂 I have some Ubuntu Women stuff…. I had some at our swag table at Global Jam and will bring some to PuppetConf.

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