Now on Social Media

When the Ubuntu Women project began back in 2005 the team only had chat (#ubuntu-women on and forums. In 2006, with the formal approval of the project, we expanded in to use of a wiki, a website and an official mailing list for the team.

Now in 2011 with the significant growth of social media we’re pushing further to expand into this area to reach more people than ever!

The following are now available to keep up to date with and work with the team:

Interested in helping more women use and contribute to Ubuntu? Join us, and tell your friends about these new ways to contact us!

4 Responses to “Now on Social Media”

  1. Franck Says:

    No G+ ? How old-fashioned 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Krumbach Says:

    G+ is still only for individuals, once they allow groups I suspect we’ll be there too 🙂

  3. suhaib Says:

    Yes, You right 🙂

  4. Tim Blokdijk Says:

    You guys ehh girls should try a (few) Ubuntu woman podcasts. I would listen to an interview with Jono Bacon asking him about lug radio. 🙂
    Or asking Jane Silber about tech managment.
    Anyway’s back to work..

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